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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Is Firefox really a threat to Internet Explorer?

11:42 AM Posted by Deepak Nayal No comments
Firefox is said to be the biggest threat to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer in years. It really has been packed with some cool features like tabbed browsing, popup blocking and smarter search, to name a few. Firefox is one of the most downloaded software in the world with millions of copies being downloaded since its introduction. A whole bunch of developers have joined in its cause and put in a lot of time enhancing its features.

Even after all this achievement and effort, Firefox still lags way behind Internet Explorer not just in market share but technically too. Microsoft’s domination in desktop computers enables IE partake this advantage. IE has got a huge amount of plug-ins, and support a wide variety of formats. There are thousands of websites that are rendered much better on IE than on Firefox. IE is highly integrated with Microsoft Office that again gives it a great edge.

Firefox cannot take IE head on unless it receives a huge amount of support from big banners like IBM, HP or Sun. It will not be able to topple IE unless big brands adopt Firefox; this is how open source success stories like Apache and Linux were written.


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