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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Here is to the crazy one. RIP Steve Jobs.

7:47 PM Posted by Deepak Nayal 2 comments
When I logged into my Apple Mac Pro on the morning of 5th Oct, the first thing I saw were a lot of videos and pics of Steve Jobs on TweetDeck. I was afraid that my and millions of other people's fears have come true. And then I read the news article that confirmed it - Steve Jobs had lost his fight against cancer. I broke the news to my wife right away. It was hard for both of us to believe that Steve Jobs is not alive anymore. We felt so sad and low that morning that we hardly said a word to each other while getting ready for that day. I saw many updates on Jobs' death on Facebook and Twitter and wanted to share my thoughts as well, but then I stopped because I did not want to post a passing comment on the death of my idol. The [unfortunate] event called for more. 

My wife and I are not the only ones who felt sad that day. Millions of people around the world felt the same. In my entire life, the only other time that I saw internet and media gone this crazy over someone's death was when Michael Jackson died. And he was a pop star. Steve Jobs was an entrepreneur, just doing business! 

If greatness is measured as the number of lives one has touched positively, Steve Jobs sits amongst the greatest of the greats. I cannot think of any other person throughout history who has had such a deep impact on so many areas on a global scale. He is most famous amongst many Apple fans for the products that he has launched over the years. But his 'insane greatness' goes beyond that. His work has actually revolutionized many industries: computers (Macintosh), movies (Pixar), music (iPod and iTunes), telecom (iPhone and App Store) and tablets (iPad). The only other person that I can think of who had considerable impact on such a wide array of topics was Leonardo Da Vinci. Steve was the Leonardo of our times, or may be Leonardo was the Steve of his time. 

Steve Jobs impact on people is not just limited to the products and industries. It goes beyond the tangibles. He showed the world the beauty, importance and power of simplicity and design. His stories have long inspired people to push the limits of what can be achieved. His superhuman ability to have the grandest of the visions while caring about the minutest of details has fascinated the business world and common people alike. 

Sometimes it is incomprehensible to even imagine how a person, you have never met or talked or even heard speaking live, can have such an impact on not just yourself but millions of people all over the world. Steve Jobs' words and actions have forced people to think and encouraged them to act. I remember watching his famous Stanford commencement speech for the first time in 2007. I must say I was deeply moved by that and had started to question my daily routine. That and many speeches and presentations of Steve Jobs till date have made me [at least try to] think big and different, to focus on my goal and work towards it. He had that affect on people, even the most successful ones - Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg and John Chambers to name a few. 

It is very saddening to know that such a strong and inspirational personality is not amongst us anymore. That we will not see him talking or presenting anymore. That he will not be able to come up with "insanely great" products anymore. I guess I am one of those hopefuls who wish that in the next Apple presentation there will be "one more thing" and Steve will suddenly show up on stage. Unfortunately, this is one wish that will never come true. 

Steve might not be with us anymore but his ideas and work will always stay with us and keep touching our lives for eternity. We are very lucky to have lived in his time. Here is to the king of pirates, the leader of rebels, the greatest entrepreneur, visionary and innovator. Here is to the crazy one. RIP Steve Jobs.


  1. Wow, fantastic tribute Deepak. I only stumbled onto this late.

    Hope all is well in the UK and soon you too will succeed in the spirit of Steve.

    Ben Zhang

  2. Hey Benny, nice to read from you after a very long time! Thanks a lot for your appreciation and wishes. I hope Australia is treating you well. In case you have any plans to visit London, do lemme know.

    Take care and stay in touch.