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Thursday, January 17, 2013 - Discover unique and interesting experiences in your city

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As you might have noticed, I have stopped blogging for some time now, and won't be blogging on this website in near future. That is not because of procrastination, but because nowadays all my time and energy is going into my new venture - Shadence.comShadence is a platform to discover unique and interesting experiences in your city. For now we are only focusing on London, as finding out unique experiences is a job much harder than it seems, but we plan to expand into other cities.

Shadence was born because I decided to scratch my own itch. There were many times when I wanted to spend my weekends and holidays in an interesting way, but ended up going to the same places and doing the same things. Later I realized that it is not just me, and that this is a common problem. Though there are many players in the market that help you discover places, there were a lot of problems with them 

  • Primarily these players cover places, not experiences, so while they might talk about Covent Garden and all sorts of restaurants and bars in it, they rarely cover other various interesting things we can do in Covent Garden. I mean, come on! How much can one eat? Obesity is already a big problem 
  • Second, they cover everything under the sun, so while there is some good stuff on their websites, most of the time it is just loads of crap covering every single places you can think of. And because of this we have to sift thought a lot of crap to find out an interesting place to go to (again, not experience, as they mostly cover places)
  • Their web applications are badly designed not helping users with discovering good experiences

Shadence, on the other hand, makes sure that it does not do any of the above. We make sure that not only do we share most unique and interesting experiences with you (and not everything under the sun), but also that we provide you with a user interface that is intuitive, clean and simple. 

While, we have done well till now, there is still lots to be done to make Shadence the go to place for everyone to discover interesting experiences around them.

Well, I got to stop writing this blog now, as I better get back to work. But please do browse Shadence to discover interesting experiences, register with us if you want to get regular updates on new experiences and share your comments and feedback with us (

Take care.
Deepak Nayal


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