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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Shadence sold, but the journey continues

11:25 PM Posted by Deepak Nayal , , No comments
My last post at OLSUP was two years ago. I had blogged then about working on my startup, Shadence. Actually, I had been working on Shadence, for months before I posted that blog. Anyway, I have been thinking of posting a quick update about what has happened since then and have been unable to do so. I have finally decided to stop pushing this task lower in my TODO list, and so here it goes.

I had been working on Shadence for months, but after refining the idea for months and trying to make it work, I realised that if I keep spending more time on it - without any income - then I will be unable to renew my visa and stay in London, which was (and still is) important for me because of some medical reasons. So I stopped working on Shadence and picked up a contract in the tech division of a global investment bank. That was in May 2013. However, I did not want to shut Shadence down just like that after putting in so much effort. So I tried to reach out to people to see if anyone was willing to buy it.

After some trying, I was contacted by a user of Shadence, who liked it a lot and thought that she could do something with it. After exchanging some emails, and almost calling the whole thing off once, we finally agreed for the sale of Shadence (for a small amount). The lady and her husband - a lovely couple - decided that they want to change the name of the website, and so now Shadence is live as CityBlackBook

Since Shadence, I have been trying to figure out my next move. I tried my hands with an IFTTT for the enterprise world (named Clocen) and a meal planner for healthy ethnic recipes (named GrubActive), but eventually closed both of these for various reasons, primary of which was that I could not see myself as a user of either of these services.

My frustration with not being able to see myself as a user of my own services ended on 25th October 2014. I started exploring the idea of smartphones and various ways it can affect our lives, which led me to exploring the world of appcessories and Internet of Things - a field that I find really fascinating. So after a reasonable amount of research and background work, on 19th Jan 2015, I launched Flipboat - a platform for people to discover and buy smart connected devices. Currently, I continue to work on this new initiative, while working on a contract (which finances my personal and startup expenses). 

Each of my startup endeavours has taught me something, and I hope to apply these lessons to Flipboat so that it can make a difference into the lives of its users.